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What our clients are saying about us:

Natural Choice Landscaping

"I have been using yard signs at all my jobs for years but have never had a way to contact the neighbors directly. Now I mail them a postcard using Target Neighbors. At the end of every job I always ask my customers for a testimonial to put on my website. Target Neighbors created a second postcard for me to put my testimonials on and send it to the neighbors. The program is very easy to use and these neighborhood jobs are some of my most profitable."

Grasshopper Irrigation

"At the end of every week I mail 50 to 100 postcards around all my irrigation and lighting installs. I like the way I can adjust the circle on the map to make sure I’m hitting all the best streets. In the spring and fall I used to send letters to all my customers to let them know when I would be at their house to turn on or shut off their irrigation system. Now I mail them postcards and I’m done in a couple of minutes. The Target Neighbors program could not be easier."


"Thank you for introducing Canton Aluminum to the Target Neighbors mailing system. The program is very effective and easy to use. The last program we had before was a long process, now it is fast and simple. We would recommend your program to anyone! Thank you for the time to train us and always being there to answer any questions we had on the program. You and your team were very helpful in helping all of us out!"


"I was looking to increase the number of customers around my lawn maintenance jobs. Target Neighbors took my customer list, got the 15 closest homeowners around each of my customers’ addresses and designed a postcard that we sent out to these neighbors. This fall I’m planning on mailing a "Fall Cleanup" postcard and next spring a postcard for my "Mulch Madness" service. Target Neighbors is exactly what I have been looking for to promote my business."