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Target the Neighbors

Mail 25 full color personalized postcards to homeowners around your current customers in less than two minutes. Every time neighbors go by your jobsite or see your truck and yard sign they’ll think of your postcard. Include a special ‘in the neighborhood’ discount coupon to help drive response. Sending postcards to the neighbors provides them with an easy way to contact you by phone or the web.

Mail Customer Testimonials

Nothing sells better than a positive customer testimonial and the best prospects to see them are the neighbors around your satisfied customer. With Target Neighbors, you can insert those reviews on your postcard and send them to the surrounding neighbors.

Targeted Demographic Lists

Increase your response rates by targeting your best prospects using demographics. Build your perfect prospect list selecting by age, estimated household income, homeownership, length of residence, dwelling size, gender, and estimated home value.

One Job into Three or More

Tell us how many neighbors around each of your current customers you would like to target and we’ll create the list. Using our variable printing capabilities we’ll print your customer’s address on each postcard so the neighbor knows where you are working. Create denser service routes and make your business more efficient.

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